Recent Department of Pediatrics Awards

Congratulations to the following Department of Pediatrics award recipients!Beverly Millard Award of Excellence: Patricia Flewelling, RN, was awarded the 2013 Beverly Millard Award of Excellence. She is the Nurse Coordinator of the University of Florida’s Adolescent/Young Adult Program. The award recognizes University of Florida Department of Pediatrics employees for an assortment of exceptional efforts and contributions to the department. Primarily, this award honors employees who display one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrate dedication in achieving the mission of the department.
  • Motivate and serve as role model to members of the department.
  • Perform assigned tasks in an exemplary fashion and inspire other employees to improve.
  • Exemplify outstanding conduct in the performance of duties over a period of years.
  • Execute outstanding reliability and cooperation toward departmental goals and objectives.
  • Established record of significant achievements sustained over a period of time.
  • Innovative and/or creative ideas that have improved the efficiency and/or effectiveness of a unit or department
  • Activity fostering cooperation and harmony; making the department/unit a more humane place to work
  • Community advocacy for children.

Walter Tunnessen, Jr. Award

The Association of Pediatric Program Directors awarded this recognition Nicole Paradise Black, M.D., for her special contributions to pediatric graduate medical education.


  • Martha Douglas-Escobar, M.D., assistant professor of neonatology, was awarded a grant for her project with the Stroke Group for the Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust Fund (BSCIRTF) Award with the McKnight Brain Institute.
  •  Burak Gumuscu, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of hematology oncology, was awarded an American Cancer Society (ACS) Junior Investigator Internal Grant.

Rare Disease Research Hall of Fame: Two pediatric faculty members were inducted into the Rare Disease Research Hall of Fame in 2013: Barry Byrne, M.D., Ph.D. and David Weinstein, M.D.  The organization recognizes researchers who have advanced knowledge of specific rare diseases and, in some cases, led to important new treatments for patients. First observed in Europe in 2008, Rare Disease Day is an international advocacy day that brings widespread attention to rare diseases as a global health challenge. The National Organization for Rare Disorders, or NORD, is the US sponsor who began recognizing the observance in 2009. The day is celebrated on the last day of February every year, which is when new hall of fame inductees are recognized.

Advancement to Candidacy Award: Geoffry Rogers (Roland Herzog’s, Ph.D., graduate student) won this award, which is given only to the most outstanding students who passed the qualifying exam in the past year. The quality of the proposal, performance during the exam, GPA and publications are judging factors.  Years of Service:   30 Years:

  • Willa Monroe
  • Susan Williams

25 Years:

  • Melinda Millsaps
  • Debbie Neubauer
  • Mark Potter

20 Years:

  • Mary Alice Dennis
  • Janis Doty
  • James Hunn
  • Sheryl Montrowl

15 Years:

  • Patricia Bostwick
  • Denise Cloutier
  • Camille Culver
  • Karen Dees
  • Tamara Edwards
  • Nancy Hodgson
  • Nancy McCollough
  • Michele Page
  • Andrea Rugulo
  • Pamela Russell
  • Irene Zolotukhin

10 Years:

  • Carole Bixby
  • Dolores Caton
  • Travis Cossette
  • Wendy Douglas
  • Gina Duncan
  • Katie Hunter
  • Cathy Hymon
  • David Jacobs
  • Dena Johnson
  • Shannon Lyles
  • Shannon Patrick
  • Candace Rossignol
  • Alyssa Shain
  • Keenya Solomon
  • Beverly Wonders
  • Miriam Zarate

5 Years:

  • Susan Andrews
  • Stephanie Bateman
  • Aisha Bowers
  • Stephanie Bryan
  • Shelly Clifton
  • Amy Cole
  • Nancy Day
  • Kerry DeYoung
  • Jake Eldred
  • Bonnie Essex
  • Laurie Fiske
  • Magdalena Gradek
  • Marc Grasley
  • Jonathan Gravely
  • Leslie Herndon
  • William Higgins
  • Sandra Johnson
  • Gitte Kitlen
  • Charlene Leonard
  • Thomas McShane
  • John Mesa
  • Michelle Mitchell
  • Giselle Moore-Higgs
  • Tammy Owens
  • Gloria Pastrana
  • Ellen Pegram
  • Patricia Plourde
  • Ann Robinson
  • Betty Romano
  • Bobby Ross, Jr.
  • Megan Scherer
  • Yulia Strekalova
  • Michelle Urig
  • Melissa Watson
  • Christy Werts