Best wishes

The Child Abuse Prevention Project has served a 16-county area of North Central Florida since 1983. It was a collaboration between the university and various state agencies. In these hard economic times, funding has been cut and the program is closing.

Over the years, CAPP provided many services to families in our community. It was blessed with dedicated workers whose goals were enhancing the nurturing skills of parents and helping educate and train the community about the needs of children and families.

The services were voluntary and free. If you raised children or were a child in our area over the last 30 years, you probably benefited from their professional education for teachers and daycare workers, or even support for your family through trying times.

If you were one who benefited, take a few minutes to let your elected officials know this program will be missed. And drop CAPP a “goodbye and best wishes” note.

Rosellen Dedlow