October Department Highlights

Department of Pediatrics Hosts Reception to Welcome New Faculty

On Wednesday, October 22 the department of pediatrics hosted a reception to celebrate our new faculty.

New Faculty:

  • Damien Marsic, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Therapy
  • Manuela Corti, Ph.D., Child Health Research Institute
  • Christina Pacak, Ph.D.,Child Health Research Institute
  • Biagio Pietra, M.D., Congenital Heart Center
  • William Stein, M.D., Congenital Heart Center
  • Michael Tsifansky, M.D., Congenital Heart Center
  • Shruthi Mahadevaiah, M.D., Critical Care Medicine
  • Jennifer Munoz Pareja, M.D., Critical Care Medicine
  • Lindsay Sikora, M.D., Critical Care Medicine
  • Youngmok Lee, Ph.D., Endocrinology (Glycogen Storage Disease Program)
  • Erin Miller, M.D., General Pediatrics
  • Cameron Rosenthal, M.D., General Pediatrics
  • Hanane Dahoui, M.D., General Pediatrics at Orlando Health
  • Cheryl Garganta, M.D., Ph.D., Genetics
  • R. Freddie Guyer, M.D., Hospital Medicine
  • Catalina Bazacliu, M.D., Neonatology
  • Meredith Mowitz, M.D., Neonatology
  • Lawrence Shoemaker, M.D., Nephrology
  • Suman Ghosh, M.D., Neurology
  •  Peter Kang, M.D., Neurology

Welcome to the University of Florida Department of Pediatrics!

Spotlight on New Pediatric Ophthamologists

The UF Health Shands News & Notes employee newsletter highlights two new pediatric opthamologists in its November issue. Below is a sneak peek, and here’s a link to the full feature: http://news-notes.ufhealth.org/.


Swati Agarwal, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatric Ophthalmology

Specialty: In addition to general pediatric ophthalmology, Dr. Agarwal has a special interest
in pediatric retinal diseases and premature babies.

Background: Prior to joining UF Health, Dr. Agarwal was a clinical instructor of pediatric
ophthalmology in the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She completed a fellowship
at the University of Wisconsin and was a consulting ophthalmologist of pediatric and
adult strabismus in Las Vegas.

What do you hope to contribute to the department of ophthalmology? “I have a very keen interest in pediatric retinal diseases and premature babies in the NICU. I am really looking to help expand clinical trials and research in pediatric imaging and in the treatment for
retinopathy of prematurity.”


Casey Beal, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatric Ophthalmology

Specialty: Dr. Beal is a fellowship-trained pediatric ophthalmologist and strabismus specialist with particular interests in pediatric cataracts.

Background: Dr. Beal completed his medical degree at UF, interned at Presbyterian Hospital and completed his residency and pediatric ophthalmology fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He was also an instructor of ophthalmology at the University of Texas Southwestern.

What makes UF Health different?
“There is great cooperation among physicians both within the department as well as between different departments. Patient care and the overall patient experience are held to a very high standard.”