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Pfizer advances vaccine trials for 5-11 year olds

Pfizer has announced they are moving into the next phase of trial testing its coronavirus vaccine in children younger than 11. For Alachua County parent, Sarah Rockwell, she has been waiting for this moment.

COVID vaccinations on children 5 and up could start in September

“Certainly, we always want to weigh the risks and the benefits,” said University of Florida College of Medicine professor and pediatrician Dr. Sonja Rasmussen. “The benefits of the vaccine are much more than what might be the potential risks. We haven’t really seen significant risks and side effects.”…

Moms of pandemic babies are ‘terrified.’ Experts offer advice.

Dr. Lindsay Thompson, director of the Pediatric Research Hub at the University of Florida, said pandemic parents should be careful to avoid excessive screen-time with their infants. Thompson noted the American Academy of Pediatrics states children under the age of 2 should not use media and if so,…