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Patient Stories

Savannah Has No Time ‘Fore’ Cancer

As a young teenager, Savannah was an accomplished student-athlete who played on her high school’s girls golf team. She had been practicing with the team and competing in golf matches when she noticed an ongoing cough. Thinking it was allergies, 16-year-old Savannah continued to play. After an off-and-on…

A More Normal Life for Luke

Almost 34 weeks into her pregnancy, Megan’s water broke. Panicked, knowing that she was about to deliver early, she was rushed to the hospital.

Running for Research racing toward better lives with PWS

Kelly Shad Guillou and her daughter, Clementine, were at UF Health for a check-up with Jennifer L. Miller, M.D., a professor in the University of Florida College of Medicine’s division of pediatric endocrinology. Living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), Clementine depends on Miller’s expert care.

Ramsey family honors a beloved brother

As Lee Ramsey’s family watched him being transported by ambulance from the emergency room at Lawnwood Hospital in Ft. Pierce to UF Health in Gainesville, they were in need of reassurance. Lee was brought into the local emergency room because he was having difficulty breathing. When local doctors suggested that…

The Brantleys and the story of BrAvery

With wide eyes and a cooing smile, Avery looked up as his mom and dad took turns reading from a Curious George book. Each page made the presence of Avery’s monitors and endless tubes slip further from the Brantleys’ minds. In these moments, they found stillness despite their…

The art of pediatric patient care

Anthony Macchio was already familiar with UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. After his second daughter, Isabel, was born with a heart defect in February 2019, he and his wife, Amy Hecht Macchio, became accustomed to traveling to Gainesville from Tallahassee for expert pediatric cardiology care. But three months after Isabel…

MAX-ed Out With Love

How a community came together to surprise a 17-year-old patient waiting for a heart Written by Molly Brennan and Coral Denton For most young people, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic meant switching to online classes, spending time at home and having more free time than they know what…

Like A Water Balloon in a River

When Madeline Lee went to her 28-week prenatal checkup, she was not able to see her son’s head in the sonograms. Her doctor later determined that the fetus had abnormal fluid in his brain and referred Madeline to UF Health in Gainesville.