Hematology / Oncology

Arts in Medicine Fund

Support pediatric education.

Cancer Research Major Gift Fund

Support research in pediatric cancer.

Climb for Cancer Foundation Fund

Support Pediatric Hematology/Oncology programs in the Department of Pediatrics.

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation Pediatric Palliative Care

Support development of pediatrics palliative care programs at the College of Medicine.

Fellowship Enrichment Fund

Support educational needs for fellows.

Hearts and Hope

Support pediatric programs for children with chronic/life limiting disease.

Jean Nelson Ocala Royal Dames Pediatric Cancer Fund

Support research and other academic programs in pediatric cancer at the College of Medicine.

Jody Hirsch Fund for Ewing’s Sarcoma Research

Support research of Ewings sarcoma.

Keira Grace Lauzardo Fund for Children’s Cancer: Hope Across Borders

Support UFCC program including focus on development of programs to improve treatment outcomes for children with cancer in LDCs through partnership with existing pediatric oncology programs; goals: to provide education to medical practitioners, nurses and allied health professional and health policy makers, training of UF medical students, residents and allied health professionals and research.

Marc Desiderio Pediatric Oncology Fellowship

Support fellowships in pediatric oncology.

Razor’s for Raul

Support research for osteosarcoma and pediatric cancer.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Fund

Support Pediatric Brain Tumor Program.

Pediatric Hematology Oncology Unrestricted

Support Pediatric Hematology /Oncology.

Pediatric Neuro-Stop Children’s Cancer

Purchase equipment to support endeavors of Division of Neurology, Department of Pediatrics.

Pediatric Oncology Research of Experimental Therapeutics Program

Support research of experimental therapeutics program.

Pediatrics Oncology Social Work

Support patient services and support needs.

Rock by the Sea Fund

Support pediatric brain tumor program.

Stenger Childhood Leukemia Research Fund

Support research into childhood leukemia.

Stop Children’s Cancer-General

Support pediatric oncology research exclusively.

Stop Children’s Cancer-Palm Beach Fund

Support research in pediatric cancer.

STOP! Children’s Cancer of Palm Beach County, Inc. Professorship in Pediatric Oncology

Support endowed professorship in Pediatric Oncology.