Donald V. Eitzman Lectureship

Dr. Donald Eitzman is a founding member of the College of Medicine and of the Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Eitzman continues to be a valued contributor to the educational mission of the Department and the Division of Neonatology celebrates the accomplishments and dedication of Donald V. Eitzman, MD, through an annual sponsored visiting professorship.

Dr. Eitzman and MaryLou

Past Presentations

Year Speaker Topic
2020 Patrick McNamara, M.D. Evolution of Neonatologist Performed Advanced Echocardiography in the NICU: The Hemodynamic Consultation and the Sick Newborn
2019 Judy Aschner, M.D. Seeking New Therapies for Neonatal Lung Disease
2018 Robert Christensen, M.D. Diagnosing the Common and Rare Anemias of Neonates
2017 John Zupancic, M.D. Scurvy, Kevin Bacon and the Library of Alexandria: Two Decades of RCTs in Neonatology
2016 Jeff Reese, M.D. Novel Mechanisms that Distinguish Aortic and Ductus Arteriosus Function During Development
2015 Mark del Monte, J.D.
2014 David J. Burchfield, M.D. Outcomes of Neonates at Borderline Viability
2013 Charles Rosenfeld, M.D.
2012 Edmund Egans, M.D.
2011 Georg Simbrunner, M.D.
2010 Jeffery Gould, M.D.
2009 Father John Paris
2008 Reginald Tsang, M.D.
2007 Betty Vohr, M.D.
2006 Avroy Fanaroff, M.D.
2005 Tonse Raju, M.D.
2004 Richard Polin, M.D.
2003 William Hay, M.D.
2002 John Kattwinkel, M.D.
2001 Mary Ellen Avery, M.D.
2000 Guiseppe Buonocore, M.D.
1999 Alan Jobe, M.D.
1998 Charles Simmons, M.D.
1997 Bill Oh, M.D.
1996 Stan Graven, M.D.
1995 Eduardo Bancalari, M.D.
1994 Phil Sunshine, M.D.