Francisco A. Hernandez Lectureship

Francisco A. Hernandez

The Francisco A. Hernandez Lectureship was established by the University of Florida Division of Pediatric Cardiology and the University of Miami Division of Pediatric Cardiology. Dr. Hernandez was the first pediatric cardiologist in Florida, and he began the program at the University of Miami. In his honor, this Lectureship was established and continues as a formal lectureship.

Historical Overview

The Francisco A. Hernandez Lectureship was created by Dr. Gerold L. Schiebler in 1970. Established Pediatric Cardiology at the University of Florida, Chairman of Pediatrics, University Assoc. Vice president for health External Affairs, Distinguished Service Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus, UF Lifetime Achievement Award 2004. As Division Director Florida CMS, established regional perinatal centers, as well as programs in genetics, diabetes, child abuse, poison control, etc. He was Dr. Hernandez’s personal friend, colleague, and tireless advocate for Florida’s children. There was mutual respect and enduring friendship between Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Schiebler. They were able to work together to influence state CMS policies, to the benefit of Florida’s children. The lectureship was created under the aegis of the Florida Heart Association and the University of Florida Foundation in 1970, to recognize Dr. Hernandez as the first pediatric cardiologist in Florida, and one of the nation’s grandfathers in the evolving field of pediatric cardiology. The lectureship speakers have many nationally renowned pediatric cardiologists.

The present Division of Pediatric Cardiology is a result of his early vision for the new specialty. He worked to refine methods and to encourage innovations that permitted an accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for a population of children who had never previously had a chance to live. The continuing effort to bring the best to our community is a fitting tribute to the early work of Francisco A. Hernandez. It is appropriate that we continue his tradition of pushing the limit of our understanding as we deal with fetuses, infants, children, and adults with heart disease, for the years to come.

Previous Guest Speakers

Year Speaker Presentation
2024 William L. Border, MD, MPH Physician Burnout and Wellbeing: Lessons Learned and NewHorizons
2022 Lori J. West, OC, MD Heart Transplantation Through the Ages: A Success Story Through the Lens of a Clinician-Scientist
2021 Jane W. Newburger, M.D., M.P.H. Beyond Mortality: Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children with Congenital Heart Disease
2020 James Kirklin, M.D. Congenital Heart Surgery on a Global Stage: Can We Translate Success to Developing Countries
2018 Dunbar Ivy, M.D.
2017 William Blanchard, M.D. Pediatric Cardiac Standards: Past, Present, and Future? Quality in a Political Era
2015 Gary D. Webb, M.D. ––
2014 Ronald Kanter, M.D. Cardiac Resynchronization Pacing for Children and Patients with Congenital Heart Disease: A New Paradigm for Pump Failure
2011 Ricardo Munoz, M.D.
1997 Jeff Smallhorn ––
1992 James Lock ––
1990 Norman S. Talner, M.D. ––
1987 David Sahn, M.D. ––