Pediatrics Quality Academy Improving Quality & Patient Safety

Below is a list of training opportunities, resources, and a platform for UF faculty, staff, and providers to share their experiences.

Department of Pediatrics

Joy in the Workplace

“In our work in health care, joy is not just humane; its instrumental.  The gifts of hope, confidence, and safety that health care should offer patients and families can only come from a workforce that feels hopeful, confident, and safe. Joy in work is an essential resource for the enterprise of healing. “
“Good news! Joy is possible. We know it is possible, not only from intuition, but also from science.”  – Donald M Berwick, MD; IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work

Dr. Slayton playing guitar

LEAN 101 | Monthly Training

White Belt

White Belt is the first level of the Lean-Six Sigma training and will cover the basic understanding of how to improve processes in your daily work. You will learn the different kinds of waste in processes.

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UF Health

Lean-Six Sigma

Lean is a never-ending, systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste and improving the flow of a process while engaging employees. 

Lean is a way of thinking that can easily be applied to every organization. The entire focus of Lean is customer-driven; it is the customer who determines the value and the amount they are willing to pay for the product or service. 

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Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety

A micro-certification program comprising 13 courses, provides a well-rounded introduction to quality, safety, population health, equity, health care leadership, and person- and family-centered care.

Free IHI Open School Access for Students, Residents, & Professors. Be sure to use your UF email address when creating an account.

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