Wireless Networks


Availability: All UF Campus

Note:  You will need to run the “UF Info” setup if this is the first time you are joining to the “uf” network on the device.  You will also need to re-run the setup each time you change you Gatorlink password.

  1. Settings -> Wi-Fi -> “UF Info”
  2. A “Log In” pop-up should appear for http://getonline.ufl.edu.  Tap on ‘Auto Configuration’.
    1. Note: If the pop-up does not automatically appear.  Try browsing to any webpage on Safari.  This will usually trigger the pop-up to appear.  If it still won’t appear, turn Wi-Fi Off and then On again and try UF Info again.
  3. Check “I accept the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy” and the tap the ‘Start’ button.
  4. Tap ‘OK’ on the pop-up “Your Gatorlink user name and Gatorlink Password….”
  5. You should now be prompted to install the “UF Wireless Network” profile.  Tap ‘Install’ and then tap ‘Install Now’ on the “Root Certificate” pop-up.
  6. Enter your passcode for the device.
  7. “Enter Username”, enter your Gatorlink username and tap ‘Next’.
  8. “Enter Password”, enter your Gatorlink password and tap ‘Next’.
  9. “Profile Installed”, tap ‘Done’.

The device should now automatically join the “UF” wireless network.  If it doesn’t, browse back to Settings -> Wi-Fi and tap ‘uf’ to join.