Applying: Pediatric Scholar Development Program


Medical Students who are interested in the UF-PSDP Integrative Research Pathway should make their intentions known to the University of Florida Pediatric Residency Program Director prior to their interview by contacting Dr. Nicole Paradise Black. First year residents may also apply by contacting the program director. Approval for IRP participation by the ABP is needed early in the first year of residency.


Residents applying for fellowship positions should express their interest to the fellowship program director. During fellowship, trainees may apply for UF-PSDP support by contacting Dr. Scott Rivkees.


Candidates are asked to submit a brief application, as noted below, using NIH398 forms, for 1-3.

  1. Form Page 1: Face Page
  2. Form Page 2: Description, Performance Sites, and Key Personnel
  3. Biographical Sketch
  4. Research Plan (Limited to 5 pages Introduction; Preliminary data; Proposed experiments)
  5. References (limited to 2 pages)
  6. Statement of long-term academic plans (1/2 page).
  7. Letter of recommendation from Section Chief
  8. Letter of support and training plan from research mentor
  9. Publications. (only submitted, accepted, or published articles or abstracts)

Please submit a complete application as a single PDF to Dr. Scott Rivkees.