The Pediatrics Choice Awards

  • Source: The Trophy Shop

    The Department of Pediatrics is looking to recognize faculty and staff members who have accomplished noteworthy performance and have made a positive impact on the overall goals and objectives of the department. Examples might include, but not be limited to:

    • Excellence in overall job performance
    • Outstanding service to students, staff, academic personnel, visitors, and university clientele
    • Willingness to assist beyond normal expectations
    • Dedication to the job and the university
    • Significant focus and attention to safety in the workplace to include development and/or compliance with safety policies, plans, and procedures
    • Consistent cooperation and helpfulness
    • Initiative and/or creativity in performing assigned duties

    If you know someone on the team who fits this description, please tell us about it so we can show our appreciation for their efforts and dedication to making the Department of Pediatrics the best it can be. Please be sure to include specific details.